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How much Does a Standard Medical Checkup Cost in India, Dubai, and Israel

Medical Checkups are a series of thorough physical examinations that include a variety of tests depending on the age, sex and health of the person. These tests are carried out by a medical practitioner for any possible medical signs or symptoms of a medical condition. Regular medical checkups can help find potential life-threatening ailments before they become a problem.

When going for medical checkups, there are series of tests expected to be carried out by the hospital. These include Weight & Height, Blood Sugar Level, Blood cholesterol level, Electrocardiogram (for those at a higher risk of heart disease), Chest x-ray (for heavy smokers) and eye tests.

Medical Checkup In Dubai

Dubai is fast gaining recognition as one of the preferred destinations for medical tourism by Nigerians due to its relatively friendly visa policy, high-quality medical standards, as well as highly equipped medical facilities.

In Dubai, to access medical services run by the government, you will need a UAE health card, your national ID card, and a passport. Medical checkups in Dubai for men and women are priced at 1,800AED (188,000 Naira), while checkups for adolescents are priced at 1,300AED (136,000 Naira),

The cost is higher if you are to go to a private hospital in Dubai. Depending on the class of the hospital, medical checkups in private hospitals in Dubai could be as high as 3000 AED.

Contacting a medical tourism agency will be your best bet to get the best deals and hospitals to go to.

Medical Checkup in India

India is a popular destination for Nigerians seeking medical treatment abroad. This is due to affordable treatment options in India (most of the treatment starts at around one-tenth of the cost obtainable in the United States or the United Kingdom). Language barrier is also not a problem, as  English is the official language in India. The average medical checkup price in India ranges from a minimum of Rs. 500 to 10000 or more. The prices completely depend on the test parameters.

Medical Checkup in Israel

Israel is emerging as a popular destination for medical tourism. According to a report in 2010, about 30,000 foreigners come to Israel on medical tourism each year. Most medical tourists come to Israel for treatment because the procedures they seek are not readily available in their home countries. The average cost of a basic checkup in Israel is about 1500 US dollars which is about 578,000 Naira.

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