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What to expect as a medical tourist in easy steps:

Send Report

you send query/medical report and outline your needs.

Get Budget

Our care team provide you with preliminary treatment plan, and estimated treatment costs.


Once you confirm your decision to travel for the treatment, the visa facilitation letter is issued.


Medvisit will then submit your details to its nework of medical consultants.


Tele-consulation/skype call with doctor can be arranged.


You travel to India where we provide you with all the needed support and care.

Get Treatment From World-Class Hospitals

parkside hospital - best hospitals in uk for heart surgery
vps lakeshore - best hospitals in india for neurology
max healthcare - best orthopedic hospitals
schön klinik - hospitals in germany for orthopedic doctors
wockhardt hospitals - best indian hospitals for bone and joint treatment
medeor hospital - best hospital in dubai for delivery

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