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Guide To Kidney Treatment and Transplant In India

There has been an increase in the number of kidney diseases in Nigeria. Unfortunately, Nigeria does not currently have the capacity to deal with this deluge of kidney related ailments. This has led to a large number of Nigerians seeking treatment for renal diseases abroad with India as the No.1 destination.

Due to the large number of Nigerians seeking kidney treatment in India, there are increasing cases of some unscrupulous people taking advantage of this to exploit and swindle these vulnerable kidney patients and their families.

Most people fail to get the full value for their money or end up getting only half the treatment required for full recovery from the disease. This guide is designed to give you a step by step process of getting treatment for kidney diseases and other related ailments in India.


Here are the procedures for getting medical treatment for kidney related ailments.

  1. Obtain Medical report & Test results: Get a medical report from your hospital in Nigeria. This will be used to assess the extent at which the kidney is damaged and get an estimated cost of the treatment available. It is also advisable to carry out as much tests as possible for a better evaluation of the disease.
  1. Secure Your Donor: It’s advisable to get a compatible donor for kidney transplant as early as possible. There are strict laws in India guiding the choice of organ donors. Generally, you will not face much problems if the donor is a blood relation of the recipient. For a non- family donor, the legal requirements are stricter. .
  1. Contact a Medical Tourism Agency: A medical tourism agency helps you facilitate your travelling arrangements including accommodation and transport within the city. They also help you procure your visa for travel and advise best hospitals for quality treatment. A medical tourism agency can also help you in securing your donor and prevent any bureaucratic bottlenecks that may hinder the process.
  1. Pick Hospital and Location: The medical tourism agency will give you a list of leading hospitals with expertise and good track record in treating kidney diseases. Do an extensive search of the hospitals and locations. It is advisable to always pick hospitals in towns to prevent language barrier issues or cultural problems. A letter of invitation will be sent after the hospital conducts an evaluation based on the medical reports sent to them.
  1. Find Out About the Doctors: After selecting the hospital, get the name of the doctor(s) in charge of the procedure and find out about his/her qualifications and track record. In some cases, arrange for a call with the doctors to get a clear idea of the true situation and cost.
  1. Make Logistics Arrangement: The bill is expected to keep the patient in the hospital for a period of 6-8 days initially, after which the patient will be expected to pay for the extra days after the surgery. Accommodation in the hospitals is quite expensive compared to hotels & hostels nearby. Make sure the hotel/hostel is not too far from the hospital and adequate transport arrangements are available. Make suitable arrangements to cater for the duration of your stay in India. A reliable medical tourism agency should be able to arrange for this adequately including transport to and fro the hospitals
  1. Prepare a Budget: Prepare an extensive budget including Visa fees, travel fee, accommodation & transport and hospital bills. Find out from the hospitals the total estimated cost including any hidden charges. Hospitals usually give out lower costs to attract patients and start to charge new fees not included in the previous estimates. It is important to have a clear idea of the total cost for the duration of the treatment.
  1. Apply for Visa: Go to the Indian embassy and apply for travel visa with your letter of invitation. A good medical tourism agency will be able to guide you through this process easily and fast track visa approval process.
  2. Travel and Get Medical Treatment:  You can now travel to India and get the total medical treatment required to get back in a healthy shape. Get the required rest and return back home to Nigeria in good health.


  • Do not pay the total fee upfront for treatment.
  • Contact a credible medical tourism agency to prevent shoddy arrangements.
  • Do not pay any extra money except for visa fee and required amount for upfront payment from hospitals.
  • Stay in the hospitals for accommodations or places close to the hospital for easy access.
  • Never opt for cheap accommodation; your life may be at risk.
  • Find out in depth information from the doctors before proceeding for treatment
  • Don’t assume, always ask for clarification on unclear information.
  • Make availability for extra unexpected costs in your budget.

Medvisit is West Africa’s leading medical tourism agency that helps patients get medical treatment for various ailments including Kidney diseases in India. With branches in Nigeria and India, Medvisit remains the number one choice of medical tourists. Medvisit’s special arrangement with the top hospitals in India, assures you the best price and maximum guarantee and value for your money. Also, logistics (accommodation and transport) within India are personally handled to ease flow of treatment. Medvisit also helps you fast track visa approval for quick travel and treatment. Call us today on 08182522015 or send a mail to

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