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Why You Should Go To India For Kidney Disease Treatment

There is an increase in incidences of kidney disease and other related ailments in Nigeria. Unfortunately, there is a dearth of quality local facilities to care for these patients. Thus, a number of sufferers of renal ailments have resorted to going abroad for the much needed care. Unsurprisingly, India has emerged as the preferred destination. More Nigerians go to India for treatment of kidney disease.
A number of factors are responsible for the emergence of India as preferred destination. This post explains why India is the No. 1 choice of treating kidney diseases for Nigerians.


India has some of the top hospitals in the world. These hospitals are renowned for their world class facilities and state of the art equipments which they use for treating patients with kidney diseases. With international recognition and a pedigree for excellence, these hospitals are rated very highly in the treatment of renal disorders and kidney transplant surgery. The use of cutting edge facilities during kidney treatment increases the chances of a successful outcome without any further complications. Hospitals in India are well equipped with these modern day equipments and have a high success rate in kidney surgery and treatment.


Joint Commission International (JCI), based in USA, is one of the world’s leading nonprofit patient safety organizations. JCI seeks a world where every patient receives the highest quality of care possible. This is done through the JCI accreditation program. JCI regularly publishes a demanding set of standards that represent the most current thinking in patient safety and quality improvement.
Hospitals with Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation have state of the art facilities and world class medical team who meet the highest standard applicable anywhere in the world. India has the 2nd largest number of JCI accredited hospitals in the world. This shows the high standards at which the hospitals operate and their proficiency in treating major diseases like Kidney and other related problems.

Graph shows that only China has more JCI accredited private hospitals than India.


Not only does India boast of hospitals, it has one of the largest pool of kidney specialists in the world.. These nephrologists are:
• World renowned
• Trained at the best facilities in the world
• Awarded and recognised globally
• Extremely competent and up to date


Notwithstanding the availability of state of the art medical facilities and world class doctors, India still remains an affordable destination for patients seeking medical help for kidney disease. The prices in India are significantly lower than what obtains in other countries with comparative quality.
Accommodation, feeding, transport etc are also very affordable in India. This is essential for patients who are in the post operation recuperation stage and prefer to live outside the hospitals. The cost of movement, feeding, housing are significantly lower and do not cause an extra burden to patients who are recovering from treatment .

Comparison of Cost of medical treatment in India compared to other countries

The graph above shows that medical treatment in India costs nearly a tenth of that of some other developed countries. This shows that the cost of treatment is significantly lower in India.


English is one of the official languages in India. This means that communication won’t be a problem when travelling from Nigeria, thereby making it easier to interact with doctors and nurses throughout the stay.


India is home to some of the world’s famous tourist destinations. Patients who have undergone surgery/treatment for kidney disease can visit these sites and relax themselves. The availability of spa treatments and other relaxing facilities helps patients in the postoperative recuperation period.

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