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Hip Replacement Surgery Abroad in 6 Easy Steps

The term hip replacement or surgery will definitely strike fear in the mind of even the bravest amongst us. However, the process of hip replacement is not as scary as it may sound.

With the prevalence of Osteoarthritis in over 20% of adults aged over 40 years, hip replacement surgery is fast becoming prevalent in Nigeria.

Considering the poor state of the health care system in Nigeria, the majority of these patients will prefer to undergo this procedure outside Nigeria. In this article, we will share with you all the steps involved in undergoing hip replacement surgery outside Nigeria.

Hip Replacement Surgery Steps 

    1. Diagnosis 

      A hip replacement surgery is usually recommended when a patient has been found to have a worn or damaged hip joint which makes it extremely difficult for the patient to get around on his/her own, and also causes severe pains. Once the pain becomes unbearable to the patient, the doctor recommends that the patient undergoes a hip replacement surgery.

    2. Contacting a medical tourism agency 

      Upon the recommendation of the doctor, it is important that you as the patient carries out detailed research about the procedure and how to choose the right hospital for the surgery.  The next step is to get the service of a credible medical tourism agency to help you make contact with hospitals in your preferred destination and to help you make travelling arrangements, accommodation, transportation, and visa processing.

    3. Travelling

      After selecting a hospital and getting the full cost implication of your treatment, the next thing is to process your visa application with the help of your medical tourism agency. Upon securing your visa, you will then book your flight and proceed to travel.

    4. The Surgery

      At the point of performing a hip replacement surgery, you will be subjected to a general anaesthetic, or in certain conditions spinal anaesthetic (where you are awake but have no feeling from the waist down).

      The surgeon then proceeds to make an incision into your hip, from where he will remove the damaged hip joint and replace it with an artificial joint.

    5. Recovery

      The hip replacement surgery usually takes between 1 – 2 hours. Upon completion of the surgery, you will be required to remain in the clinic for a period of 5 days during which your condition will be closely monitored.

      After being released from the clinic, you will need help getting back to full fitness and may need to be placed on an exercise program for a while (between 4-6 weeks). It is advised that you remain close to your clinic during your recovery period to avoid any unwanted complications.

    6. Returning Trip 

      Upon the completion of your treatment, your agency will help you process your return flight and provide all necessary requirements.

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