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Guide To Eye Treatment In India

The eye is a sophisticated sensory organ with different parts working together to create the images we see. Like every other organ, the eye is also prone to diseases some of which include cataract, low vision, corneal disease, glaucoma, retinal diseases etc.

Fortunately, majority of these eye diseases can be easily prevented and cured with the right treatment. The search for this right treatment has led to an increasing number of patients seeking quality eye treatment in India.

In Nigeria, a varying number of negative factors have pushed Nigerians with eye problems to seek treatment outside the country. The availability of modern day equipments and well trained specialists coupled with the affordable treatment plans make India the number No. 1 choice for these health tourists.

Unfortunately, most Nigerians are not well informed about the procedures of undergoing eye treatment in India and end up being swindled or getting substandard treatment.

This article is designed to guide you, step by step, through the procedures involved in getting total care for your eye disease in India. Firstly, we take a look at the benefits of eye treatment in Indian hospitals.


Here are some of the benefits of undergoing treatment for eye diseases in India.

  • Modern Diagnostic Equipments: Eye hospitals in India have advanced modern diagnostic equipments which they use for diagnosing different eye diseases. Some of these include wavefront scan for custom LASIK evaluation, digital refractor, Slit lamp biomicroscope, digital pachymeter, and digital fundus camera.
  • World Class Operation Theatres: Ultra modern dedicated theatres are used for performing different types of eye surgeries. These operation theatres are equipped with state of the art facilities and world class equipments.
  • Affordability: Despite offering high quality treatment for eye diseases, eye hospitals in India are more
  • Zero Waiting Time: On arrival at the hospital, treatment begins almost immediately with all arrangements made before the arrival of the patient.


Below is a step by step procedure for seeking eye treatment in India.

  1. Get Medical report & Test results: Get a medical report from your hospital in Nigeria. This will be used to diagnose damage to the eye and type of treatment required. The medical report also helps the hospital give you a tentative medical bill including all hospital expenses. It is advisable to carry out as much extra eye tests as possible. These results will be sent alongside the medical report for a closer estimate of treatment type and cost.
  2. Contact a Medical Tourism Agency: Medical tourism agencies help link patients with hospitals outside the country. A medical tourism agency helps you contact hospitals in India and advise you the best eye specialist centers. Your travelling arrangements including accommodation and transport within India can also be facilitated by medical tourism agencies. Most importantly, they help fast track visa approval process for quick commencement of treatment.
  3. Selecting Hospital: The medical tourism agency will give you a list of available eye specialist hospitals capable of treating the eye disorder. These hospitals are the best available who offer affordable world class health services. The agency will advise you on which hospital to pick or you can make your own findings and select your choice.
  4. Find Out About the Doctors: After selecting the hospital, inquire about the ophthalmologist that will be in charge of the surgery/treatment. Find out about his/her qualifications and level of expertise. In some cases, it’s advisable to arrange for a call with the doctors so they can have a proper diagnosis of the ailment.
  5. Arrange for Accommodation & Transport: With the advancement in eye treatment technology, the use of blade, stitch and drug procedures are very rare. This means that except in severe eye disease treatment, patients are allowed to secure accommodation outside the hospital premises. It is advisable to make proper arrangement for accommodation and other logistics before embarking on your journey. A good medical tourism agency should be able to help make these arrangements seamlessly.
  6. Draft a Budget: Prepare a budget to cater for all expenses including ravel and visa fees, accommodation, medical bills and other miscellaneous expenses. Make sure you get a thorough estimate from the hospital to avoid any unplanned treatment that may be accrued during treatment. Remember to always take extra money just in case there is a need for any unexpected payments.
  7. Apply for Visa: You will need to apply for travel visa to enable you travel for eye treatment in India. The application process is done at the Indian embassy in Nigeria and one of the requirements is the letter of invitation from the hospitals. A credible medical tourism agency will help you fast track this process so you can prepare to travel as soon as possible.
  8. Travel and Get Medical Treatment: Once visa has approved, you can now proceed to make your journey to India where you will get the much needed medical treatment for the eye disease. Treatment process starts as soon as possible after arrival in the hospital.

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