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A second opinion is when another doctor (different from your regular doctor) gives their view about your health problem and how it should be treated.

Through a second opinion, you may discover treatment options your original doctors didn’t know were available. And in some cases, the information you gain during a second opinion consultation can even show that your initial diagnosis is wrong.
When you’re making important health decisions, it’s always advisable to get medical opinions from more than one doctor. Medvisit connects you with top experts in UK, Europe and the US who are most likely to give you a quality second opinion.
unparalleled access to medical specialists

when should you get a second opinion

Sometimes your health problems are straightforward, but there are other times when diagnosis and treatment are less clear. Getting a second opinion may helpful when:

how much does it cost ?

Video-consultation & medical
report with :
European and UK expert costs: N520,000
American expert costs: N580,000  

No matter the complexity of your medical case, our experts can help.

frequently asked questions

01. What is Medvisit ?

Medvisit allows you consult top medical specialists in the UK, USA, and Europe without having to travel. Simply contact medvisit by phone, online, or in person at one of Medvisit's partner clinics. We have a dedicated medical support team that will help you prepare your case file, communicate with the foreign expert, and follow up.

02. Who are the experts we work with ?

Medvisit works with a handpicked group of internationally renowned expert doctors, each having extensive experience and expertise in their specialities.

03. What are the available medical specialities ?

All specialities are available including: • Oncology • Neurology • Orthopaedics • Spine surgery • Sports Medicine • Pediatrics • Endocrinology • Cardiology • Pulmonology • Kidney & urinary diseases • Gynaecology & Fertility • ENT • Dermatology • Ophthalmology • Gastroenterology • General surgery • Paediatric suregry • Vascular surgery • Cardiothoracic surgery

No matter the complexity of your medical case, our experts can help. Consult Expert Doctors Now

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+234 913 024 7317