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Nigeria's First Full Service
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MedVisit is a Nigeria based medical tourism agency that connects Nigerian patients with quality and affordable medical facilities abroad. We ensure a rewarding and positive outcome to our clients through our personalized service and partnership with some of the world’s leading medical facilities in India, UAE, Germany, the United Kingdom Israel etc.

From initial consultation to hospital selection and specialists medical diagnosis or line of treatment, visa processing to travel planning and hotel booking, Medvisit stands by you at every step of the way.
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Why Medvisit ?

Medvisit gives you a convenient, secure and timely access to top doctors in the world so that you can get answers to your questions about a diagnosis or treatment plan.


We partner with leading hospitals and expert doctors in three countries to ensure you receive the best positive treatment.



Seamless cooperation with local doctor in Nigeria to ensure patients get good follow-up care


The Best

We only work with the best hospitals with international accreditation and pedigree of excellence.



All our hospitals have dedicated international patients service teams that help the patients as well as companions throughout their stay.


Personalized Care

Personalized care by one of the most reliable medical travel company in Nigeria



The lowest possible cost for medical care and treatment abroad.

frequently asked questions

01. What is Medvisit ?

Medvisit allows you consult top medical specialists in the UK, USA, and Europe without having to travel. Simply contact medvisit by phone, online, or in person at one of Medvisit's partner clinics. We have a dedicated medical support team that will help you prepare your case file, communicate with the foreign expert, and follow up.

02. Who are the experts we work with ?

Medvisit works with a handpicked group of internationally renowned expert doctors, each having extensive experience and expertise in their specialities.

03. What are the available medical specialities ?

All specialities are available including: • Oncology • Neurology • Orthopaedics • Spine surgery • Sports Medicine • Pediatrics • Endocrinology • Cardiology • Pulmonology • Kidney & urinary diseases • Gynaecology & Fertility • ENT • Dermatology • Ophthalmology • Gastroenterology • General surgery • Paediatric suregry • Vascular surgery • Cardiothoracic surgery

No matter the complexity of your medical case, our experts can help.
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+234 913 024 7317