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Cost of Hip Replacement in India for Nigerians (2024)

Hip replacement surgeries can significantly improve the quality of life for anyone experiencing severe hip pain. The combination of quality care at affordable cost is a significant reason Nigerians want to get hip replacement surgeries in India. But while it’s true that the price of this procedure in India is lower compared to other developed countries, the actual cost of hip replacement surgery in India varies based on several factors.

This guide provides an overview of the cost of hip replacement surgeries in India.

Why Cost of Hip Replacement in India Varies

The Hospital

The cost of treatment varies from hospital to hospital based on their specialty, reputation, accreditation, available technology, and success rate. A well-established, reputable multi-specialty hospital with international accreditation in a metropolitan city will cost more than a lesser-known hospital in a rural town. 

Medical Team Expertise

The experience, reputation & success rate of the medical team (surgeons, nurses, anesthesiologists, etc.)  also influences the prices. Typically, a more experienced team with a high success rate will cost more than a less experienced one.

Type of Implant

The implant material (metal, ceramic & plastic), implant brand, and type of fixation determine the cost. More durable implants from established brands cost more than implants from starter brands. [1]

Surgical Approach

More recent minimally invasive surgery procedures requiring small incisions and advanced tech and equipment, most times, cost more than traditional procedures with larger incisions. [2]

Age of the patient

Age influences the treatment procedures, plan, and medication needed, indirectly affecting the cost. Age can also contribute to post-surgery recuperation costs.[3]

Hospital Stay & Rehabilitation

The length of stay in the hospital for observation & recuperation also contributes to the total cost. [4]

Other non-medical related expenses

Apart from medical-related expenses, other non-medical factors such as accommodation, feeding, interpreters, visa & ticket fees also influence the total. [5]

Estimating your Treatment Cost

To estimate the cost of hip replacement surgery in India for Nigerians, initial consultation with a professional medical tourism agency like Medvisit is Important. Here’s why;

Network of trusted hospitals, doctors & surgeons

This will ensure you’re not a victim of overcharging scams, as you only pay for what’s necessary – no unnecessary tests or procedures.

Practical Experience

At Medvisit, we’ve had the experience of facilitating numerous patients from Nigeria to India for hip replacement surgery – we know what tests and procedures are necessary and which are not, and we’ve helped others navigate the process – an initial consultation with Medvisit – will enable you benefit from this wealth of experience.

Avoid Hidden Costs

One of our core values is Transparency – an initial consultation with us will ensure you avoid all the hidden costs like duplicate charges & surprise medical bills.

Factors in Non-Medical Charges

Seeking hip replacement surgery in India comes with non-medical costs such as accommodation, feeding, visa and ticket fees, transportation, and logistics fees, to mention a few. At Medvisit – we have a network of these addon service providers, and like every other service, the prices fluctuate periodically – during an initial consultation session – we’ll tell you the current prices of these services upfront.

Hence, to get the most accurate, up-to-date & transparent cost of hip replacement surgery in India for Nigerians, contact our team at Medvisit: we’re the leading medical tourism company in Nigeria.

Second Opinion: A More Cost-Effective Alternative

While the cost of Hip Replacement surgery in India is lower compared to other developed countries, Nigerians still face challenges accessing this care in India due to reasons such as; 

  • Difficulty sourcing the FX to pay the bills 
  • inability to raise the money for the medical treatments
  • Inability to foot the non-medical bills for the patient & caregiver.
  • Difficulty & delays in obtaining a medical visa.

Recognizing these challenges and consistent with our vision to ensure Nigerians have access to world-class care, we’ve partnered with reputable, specialized hospitals in India to offer  second opinion service to Nigerians.

The Medvidit Second Opinion Process

  • You’re matched with the top 1% of orthopaedic surgeons in India.
  • The orthopaedic surgeon reviews your medical reports and treatment plan and either confirm you’re receiving the proper treatment or alerts you if you’re being treated incorrectly.
  • Even if your treatment plan is correct – the doctor might suggest a better and more effective one.
  • If it’s wrong – the second-opinion doctor will draw out a correct treatment plan – for your Nigerian doctor to follow.

Unlike other “free” second opinion services, that’s just an initial consultation before you’re asked to travel down to India; with our second opinion service,  you save on transportation, accommodation, travel arrangements, visa applications, etc. while receiving high-quality care with treatment plans similar to what you’ll get in India here in Nigeria.

Visit  [] to speak with a Medvisit second opinion representative.


Although we’d like to give a figure or range to the cost of hip replacement surgery in India for Nigerians, this might be misleading as the cost of this procedure is constantly changing. But the price is what you pay, value is what you get – so if you’re considering receiving treatment in India – it’s important you place priority on value & engage a reputable & professional agency. 

Medvisit is the leading medical tourism agency in Nigeria. We provide premium medical tourism services for Nigerians seeking treatment in India. We also offer quality second opinion services with experienced doctors abroad – a less expensive alternative.  

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