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Complete Guide to Hip Replacement in India for Nigerians

Hip replacement, also called hip arthroplasty, is a surgical procedure that replaces parts of the hip joint with artificial implants. This procedure aims to relieve pain from a damaged or diseased hip, improve hip joint function, and increase mobility.

For many Nigerians suffering from chronic hip pain, India is considered one of the top destinations for hip replacement surgery due to its relatively low cost, high success rate, experienced medical personnel, and modern facilities.

This guide explains the process for Nigerians seeking treatment abroad and highlights the benefits, risks, and less expensive alternatives.

Process of Getting Hip Replacement Surgery in India

Hospital Selection:  Check the hospital rankings, their doctor’s reputation, technology, location, and amenities. Also, patient satisfaction scores, language services, and cultural sensitivity should be checked.

Initial Consultation: After deciding on the hospital where you’ll receive the procedure, you’ll book a consultation with the doctor. At this stage, the doctor will review your medical reports (might suggest other tests) and recommend the procedure you’ll undergo (Total, Partial, or Hip Resurfacing).

Apply for an Indian medical visa: Applying for an Indian medical visa at the Indian embassy in Nigeria is the next step.  A reputable, recognized, and specialized Indian hospital increases your chances of visa approval.

Travel for the Procedure: You can proceed with the surgery when your medical visa is granted. However, there are a few things you should think about before you go, like lodging, mobile communication, translation services, and transportation in India. Engaging the services of a professional medical tourism company like Medvisit takes care of these details so you can focus on your health and recovery.

Post-Surgery Care: After a successful surgery, you’ll still spend some time in India recuperating and doing post-surgery checkups before returning to Nigeria. In some cases, you’ll require follow-up consultations in India or Nigeria.

Cost of Hip Replacement in India

The cost of hip replacement is affected by various factors, such as;  

  • The type of surgery: A total hip replacement costs more than a partial hip replacement.
  • The Hospital & Medical Teams Experience
  • The Type of Implant used 
  • Other Medical Conditions: If you have other medical conditions, they can affect the cost.
  • Post-op expenses such as (follow-up consultations & Physiotherapy sessions).

Like every other service, prices are constantly changing, so it’s essential to contact us to get the current pricing. 

Benefits of getting Hip Replacement in India

The number of Hip replacement surgeries in India has seen a significant rise over the years due to its benefits compared to other medical tourism destinations; these benefits include;

  • Lower cost: The cost of hip replacement surgery in India is significantly lower (sometimes by 50-80%) than in other developed countries, like the USA, UK & Israel. 
  • Experienced Surgeons: Indian surgeons and medical teams at reputable hospitals are skilled and experienced.  
  • Success rate: The success rate of this procedure in India is relatively high; some hospitals have 85 -95% success rates. 
  • Modern Facilities: Reputable hospitals in India have state-of-the-art diagnostics, world-class operating theatres, cutting-edge technology, and the ability to carry out the latest surgical procedures.

Risks of Getting Hip Replacement in India

Hip replacement surgery, similar to every other medical procedure, has its inherent risks, but there are some risks  peculiar to India, such as; 

  • Counterfeit implants: There’ve been instances of using unapproved or substandard implants, leading to complications in the past.
  • Medical Negligence: The Indian National Library of Medicine says there are  5.2 million medical negligence cases annually. These cases range from Misdiagnosis, unnecessary procedures, and wrong medication to forgetting surgical equipment in patients. 

These risks are reduced to the barest minimum when you use a reputable medical tourism company—like Medvisit, which has an established and vetted network of hospitals and surgeons. 

– Visit  [Link] to speak with a Medvisit medical tourism consultant. 

Possible Alternative: Second Opinion 

While the cost of hip replacement in India is significantly lower than in other countries,  obtaining FX to pay the bills can be challenging for Nigerians. Medical Second Opinion is a highly recommended alternative.

With Medvisit’s second opinion service, a highly experienced surgeon from a reputable hospital abroad will review your diagnosis and treatment plan offered by your Nigerian doctor. 

Second-opinion services are much cheaper than flying to India – you save on transportation, accommodation, travel arrangements, visa applications, etc. While receiving high-quality care with treatment plans similar to what you’ll get in India here in Nigeria.

Other benefits of a second opinion for hip arthroplasty include;

  • Possibility of finding additional treatment options
  • Peace of Mind

– Visit  [] to speak with a Medvisit second opinion consultant.


Hip replacement surgery in India can relieve Nigerians suffering from hip pain, while India offers a cheaper option than other developed countries; there are inherent risks like medical negligence and counterfeit implants, but choosing a reputable medical tourism company like Medvisit will mitigate these risks.   

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